Popular essays on type 2 diabetes

popular essays on type 2 diabetes

resistance to illness and infection and makes it harder to heal from drinking and driving essay infections and other things such as surgeries. There may be a genetic link, or this may be because families have similar eating and exercise habits. No one really knows the reason a person develops diabetes but there are many risk factors that can affect your chances of getting Diabetes. Some people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes can benefit from an insulin pump, which is a pump that constantly monitors your blood sugar and supplies you with insulin as you need. The most important treatment is a change in lifestyle. Chi 18 The Endocrine System.

High levels of ketones in the body can produce large amounts of acid, and if not tended to, will cause a person to go into a coma or can possibly be fatal. In 1995, diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death listed.S.

These cells are destroyed, reducing the body's ability to produce sufficient insulin and regulate blood glucose levels. When the body does not produce insulin if begins to break down fat and muscle for energy and keytones are produced to enter the bloodstream. Some people may still need insulin therapy or medications to help. (being further away from the equator) People over the age of 40 or people who are overweight are in a higher risk category. Causes people with type 1 diabetes will require supplemental insulin on an ongoing basis. Nathan, and Edwin. The onset of type 1 diabetes tends to be sudden. Stones can build up over time and cause kidney damage which is already a risk with diabetes. Fast acting insulin is generally used to lower blood sugar quickly when you need a fast drop in blood sugar levels.

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popular essays on type 2 diabetes