Essays on stealing by carol ann duffy

essays on stealing by carol ann duffy

didn't look the same (line 17) so I took a run/ and booted him. He definitely shows signs of being lonely and exhausted with himself and the world. Because the people see the suffering and carry on with their on lives the narrator thinks the readers dont care so their portrayed as heartless and cold. My thesis for this poem is: the harshness of the society in Britain during the 1980s is reflected through one single speaker through the use of syntax and structure to create feelings of alienation and destruction. Both poems leave the reader with similar feelings of creepiness, however the speaker in Stealing is definitely more confrontational because he acts out on people and not solely animals. Now, when you read this poem, don't you get this feeling that this poem is trying to tell us why people steal? For this reason, I believe he refers to the snowman in both stanzas one and five as the strangest thing he has ever stolen. But when he takes it back to his house it does not look the same and is warped because of the way he tried to take it, through stealing. There were constant poll tax riots, miners strikes, homelessness, and unemployment. The use of the word they signifies his view of society, the people that read newspapers he puts them all in the same cattergory and labels them accordingly. The idea of being cold is symbolised by the snowman.

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The snowman would also be as cold as her because it was made of snow. Firstly, it is a minor sentence. He just needed the companionship of another, not necessarily someone to talk. 'With a mind as cold as the slice of ice within my own brain.' He or she wasn't a very warm hearted person and was well aware of that. Also show that he cannot maintain one flow of conscious. This relates to the rhetorical question the speaker asks to the listener at the end of the poem because he automatically assumes that no one understands him, maybe this is why average length of humanities dissertation he is happy with the idea of the snowman not being able to talk. I interpreted this as the speakers internal struggle with himself to attempt to bring some purpose and significance to his life. Lifes tough because he never had that happy childhood so is acting out of spite. While describing the snowman and location, the alliteration m sound used during midnight, magnificent, mute, moon etc. No one else matters. We can see this in stanza five, line one when he says Bored.

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