Pro and con essay on gay marriage

pro and con essay on gay marriage

to be an exclusive, faithful union between one man and one woman joined together in a permanent. From a legal point of view, Andryszewsk (2008) writes that there are many benefits to marriage such as spousal health insurance, shared retirement benefits, tax advantages, various inheritance rights, and family rates on everything from swimming pool passes to auto insurance (p. Some states had a substantial divorce rate reduction once gay marriage was legalized (ProCon, 2012). Gay marriages are absolutely immoral in religious scriptures: The vast majority of Christian denominations, including the Roman Catholic Church have never gotten along with same-sex unions. There are also convincing legal and economic reasons why same-sex marriage should be recognized such as the fact married-gay couples are more likely to own homes and as will be argued are completely capable of raising children as well as straight couples. A related risk posed by same sex marriage is that it threatens to turn marriage into a contractual agreement performed for legal and technical reasons thereby stripping the institution of its tradition and historical context. Are you familiar with a thesis format, mla essay format, analytical essay or turabian paper? Much as the idea contributed to racism against black people so too are civil unions discriminatory against homosexuals. Supreme Court cases which involve same-sex marriage including Lawrence. Keep writing with us! Moreover, some states will demonstrate a 85 support.

Many same-sex couples in Scandinavian countries are raising children and there is no evidence whatsoever that they are doing any better or worse of a job than their heterosexual counterparts. Moreover, the right to marry is a civil right and that to deny people the right to marry is discriminatory. The arguments against it an effective introduction to an essay are weak, and are all based on personal perspectives and religious values, and not written in any legal document or constitution. It can deinstitutionalize the entire concept of traditional marriage. Abstract: The article explores the concept of belonging in American family law which is essential in understanding same-sex marriage. In the case of gay marriage, allowing it would represent a step towards viewing gay people not as others but as people. Belonging in America: How to Understand Same-Sex Marriage. Though the majority of Americans do not approve of homosexuality in general, the fact of the matter is that the United States is a place where no one should be discriminated against on the basis of who they are. Gay Marriage: For Better or Worse. In Genesis, God puts Adam into a deep sleep, removes one of his ribs, and makes Eve. By having both male and female parental influences there is a greater likelihood that a given child will grow up well rounded. My Position: Gay Marriage Will be Recognized Sooner or Later, Though I do not personally approve of homosexuality I nevertheless believe that, homosexuality is not a disease, it is how some people are born.