Essays on prison overcrowding

essays on prison overcrowding

behind bars (Overcrowding, Issues Controversies). By June 2013, federal judges were still not satisfied with Browns perspective on the prison issue, and ordered for an additional 9,600 inmates to be removed by the end of 2013. In Foroutans example, it probably didnt occur to him that carrying.03 grams of methamphetamine could be characterized as a serious criminal offense. Tim Ruttens article, A Prison System We Deserve brings up two good points about the system in America. The overcrowded prison crisis in California is in need of immediate attention as its conditions continue to worsen. Donald Spector, director of Prison Law Office of Berkeley, California, reported that there is substantial risk to the health and safety of workers inside the prisons (Spector). Some of these methods include reducing the number of inmates who serve more than 100 of their minimum sentence, establishing more residential and community-based programs, and enacting programs, which ultimately saved one state 38 million in operating expenditures.

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Sentencing offenders to alternative programs would india thesis website help cut cost and also help decrease prison overcrowding. Officials began sending nonviolent offenders to county jails rather than state prisons in order to reduce overcrowding. For decades now, prison overcrowding has become a problem all over the United States. Was sentenced to Juvenile Hall for one year. In 1980, the United States federal prison population was 25,000.

The probation system cannot solve the whole overcrowding problem but could help immensely. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology. FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, even though the government cant just start releasing prisoners that havent served their full sentences to reduce the populations, the cost of incarceration, the health and safety of inmates and staff, and the affect that overcrowding has on communities. A few main causes of overcrowding include an increase in returning customers and the effects of the Three Strikes and Youre Out law.

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