Drugs and race essays

drugs and race essays

deported in 20 just for marijuana possession. Research shows that prosecutors are twice as likely to pursue a mandatory minimum sentence for black people as for white people charged with the same offense. tags: racial cast system. He was travelling with his family along Interstate 68 in Maryland and was pulled over by a state trooper. . We advocate for: Decriminalizing drug possession to remove a major cause of the disproportionate arrest and incarceration of people of color. Profiling: DWB, it is not only economics that leads to the disproportionate number of blacks arrested for drugs, but there are also social problems that go much deeper than money. . It is not fair to have different sets of drug laws essay map pdf for whites and blacks. . We believe that the mass criminalization of people of color, particularly young African Americans, is as profound a system of racial control as the Jim Crow laws were in this country until the mid-1960s.

Although the impact of legalization might be unclear, what is clear is that our current method of drug enforcement does not work and is very racist. . Another law that was written which singled out African Americans was the 1986 Schoolyard Law. . The problem with profiling is that race is definitely an indicator used by the police. Mass incarceration refers not only to the criminal justice system but also to the larger web of laws, rules, polices, and customs that control those labeled criminals both in and out of prison (Alexander 2012, pg 14). They are often stereotyped as being violent or addicted to alcohol and other drugs. With all of the crimes that have already been committed against minorities throughout the racist history of America, our society is now how to write essays in gmat alienating minorities on the issue of drugs. .