Integrative biology honors thesis

integrative biology honors thesis

earning the Integrative Biology Honors Concentration will also earn the chem minor 1 Continuation in the Integrative Biology Honors Concentration requires a grade of B or better in each of IB 270, IB 271, and IB 372 and.0 overall cumulative GPA. Examples of Option 1 work include experiments on plants, animals, cells, enzymes, etc., virtual modeling in drug development, or any other lab work housed within your major. Physics: E M (4 hrs) or phys 101 College Physics: Mech Heat (5 hrs) phys 102 College Physics: E M Modern (5 hrs) An approved 300- or 400-level course that includes physical/math principles (3-4 hrs)5 3 An approved 300- or 400-level course in statistics6. Conceptual themes and techniques from the molecular, cellular, and organismal levels of biology will be integrated as well. Application and interview of individual applicants occurs in the Spring semester of the freshman year. 5, iB 372 Ecology and Evolution1-integrated study of ecology, population genetics, and evolution. Late applicants will be considered on the basis of availability. Conceptual themes and techniques of molecular and cellular levels of biological organization will be integrated as well. . TA applications for Spring 2019. Highlights of IB Honors: Small classes with outstanding faculty, cohesive group of students in a focused curriculum. Open-ended investigation in the lab and field.

The following is a brief overview of thesis options for Health Science Scholars. No more than 8 hours of credit in 100-level courses in IB or MCB may be counted toward graduation. Lecture, Lab, and field work. General chemistry courses should be completed before beginning IB Honor courses. Like Option 1 candidates, you'll attend several workshops in your junior year to help you get ready for your eventual deliverable, but unlike those in Option 1, your paper will be a thesis of about 35 pages. Each year, participation in open-ended laboratory and field courses fosters cohesiveness among all the students in the program, creating a mutual support system unique among biology majors. For the Honors student in Molecular Biology, our faculty endeavor to provide enriching academic opportunities: these include a selection from the list of advanced courses that represent some of the most challenging courses the Madison campus has to offer, opportunities to interact directly with faculty. Skip to main content, university of WisconsinMadison, the Honors student in Molecular Biology is one who wishes to prepare for graduate or professional school in the most rigorous and challenging ways available on our campus.

Applicants who become successful in the Integrative Honors Concentration show strong interest in biology and evidence of success in math and science courses. 4 Recommended courses are: chem 312, chem 332, chem 360, chem 437, chem 440. The project can take one of two forms: Option 1 involves lab research in your major area. ONE group of courses: chem 202 Accelerated Chemistry I chem 203 Accelerated Chemistry Lab essay on computer virus and antivirus I chem 204 Accelerated Chemistry II, and chem 205 Accelerated Chemistry Lab II or chem 102 General Chemistry I3 chem 103 General Chemistry Lab I chem 104 General Chemistry II chem. Minimum hours required for graduation: 120 hours, hours, requirements1 4, iB 150 Organismal Evolutionary Biology 4, mCB 150 Molecular Cellular Basis of Life 5, iB 270 Evolution of Molecules and Cells-the major evolutionary transitions of biomolecules and cells, including energy acquisition and metabolism; information inheritance. Option 2 involves either a practicum / internship, or research in a lab outside your major. Minimum hours required for graduation: 120 hours Students must consult with their Integrative Biology honors adviser at least once each semester. Complete one semester of Molecular Biology 686: Senior Honors Seminar in Molecular Biology (1 credit). Math 231 Calculus II or, iB 494 - Theoretical Biology and Models2 8-10, select. Other requirements: Twelve hours of 300- and 400-level courses in the major must be taken on this campus. Typically, Honors students will seek admission to Honors in Molecular Biology during the sophomore or early in the junior year.

Admission to the Concentration: A minimum overall.0 GPA is required to apply for admission. Physics: Mechanics (4 hrs) phys 212 Univ. With enrollment limited to 25-30 students per year and all classes and labs taught by outstanding professors, students are virtually assured the daily interactions with faculty that are critical to developing scientific techniques, critical thinking, and communication skills. Application for Admission to IB Honors. Application deadline is November.

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