Modern medical science essay

modern medical science essay

conclude that Allah is talking to the Bedouin of those times, not to us today. And if you answer that the anthropomorphic view of heaven and earth in 41:912 is there by poetic license, then Id reply that poems for grown-ups are one thing, and poems for children are quite another. Yes, modern science objects to that completely, absolutely, and as certainly as an objection can be made. You may not have filled in all the information required. 79:27 Are you the harder to create, or is the heaven that He built? But the atmosphere is no solid surface.

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modern medical science essay

Does that last conclusion contradict modern scientific knowledge? How else could it be on a spherical body like the Earth? But this doesnt make any significant difference. First, I must note that modern science recognizes no such divisions of the sky. Unfortunately, southern Arabia has no volcanoes. Most probably, the Moon is not in the lowest heaven, because if it were there then the author of the Quran would have mentioned the Moon, too, together with the stars, when he informed us that he decorated the lowest heaven with stars, in 37:6. If you are a carpenter, do you ever give orders to the chairs that you make? Why does Allah if he is the true author of the Quran, according to theory #1 keep speaking in ways that show such endless ignorance, which today would make even schoolchildren roll on the floor laughing?